EG Announcement | Latest updates in July

Dear users,

Everest Gold Latest Updates in July

1st July, 4pm (GMT+8): Receive Beta Rewards & Start Trading

Everest Gold will issue beta rewards to all users and open up our Real-time and Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading functions on the platform. Users who already own EGU(Everest Gold units)can trade immediately.

3rd July: Gold Subscription Event

Users can start subscribing by entering the EGU purchase quantity. Do remember to review the details and confirm.

9th July: Release of EGU

Limited supply of EGU from the gold subscription event will be allocated and transferred to the users’ accounts.

Notice About Payment Gateway 

1)For all Singaporean Users

It is expected that all Singaporean users with registered local bank accounts would be able to make deposits/withdrawals via Xfers and participate in both real-time and over-the-counter trading functions from 1 July.

2)For all International Users

It is expected that all International users would be able to make deposits/withdrawals via Rapyd from 20 July. Users can carry out over-the-counter trading from 1 July and real-time trading from 20 July.

Everest Gold team