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When it comes to gold investment, the public usually associates it with the disadvantages of traditional gold investment. The three main factors include: (i) having to raise enough capital, (ii) gaining profits only by holding onto gold for a long time and (iii) facing the difficulty of liquidating them.  

The business model of Everest Gold has solved these pain points and created cost-effective and high liquidity gold investment platform, which enables investors to make instant transactions with minimal capital at anytime and anywhere.

According to statistics for the last 30 days, EGU prices have increased by less than 1% for two days. Over a span of 17 days, the prices rose between 1% and 2%. Across another 5 days, the price increased between 2% and 3%. On one of the remaining days, the price rose to more than 3% while on three other days, the price decreased by less than 1%.

Therefore, if investors leverage on these gains and losses to execute their trading strategies, they will be able to turn them into real profits. Statistics have shown that the 30-day cumulative return on investment is much higher than 20%, even if the hedge decline is more than 10%.

This demonstrates how an investor can successfully achieve profitable results by grasping every profitable opportunity that comes in their way. Hence, if investors can achieve 1% or 2% of profits in a month, the investment rate of return is considerably high!

Every investment involves a certain degree of risk. However, in comparison to other investments, gold is considered to be the least risky and is often seen as a safe haven. Nonetheless, investors need to understand the concept that the gold price volatility has the greatest impact on contract users, such as users with leveraged futures gold. On the contrary, when it comes to physical gold, the risk can be controlled. Our trading platform not only maximizes the interests of investors, but it also protects our investors from many risks.

For example, trading hours on other market exchanges are restricted. The three major gold trading markets in Europe, U.S. and Asia are opened at different timings, and the impact of gold price fluctuations is largely in the U.S. and Europe. If Asian exchanges are closed at this time, Asian investors could be at risk. Everest Gold trading platform breaks this traditional rule by providing a 24/7 real-time trading platform, making gold trading more timely and accessible for our investors.

Secondly, as a gold retail trading platform, our retail price is less likely to be affected by the international commodity gold price. In addition, we also looked at the physical gold prices of the largest gold retailers and banks. We found that the prices of the Banks were almost unchanged when the international gold price rose and fell sharply.

Thirdly, we allow all investors to own the absolute pricing power of gold. Investors will have the opportunity to enter and exit the market at their desired price and time, and will be free to build positions based on the real-time price fluctuations. Apart from protecting our investors from risks, our platform also accelerates the liquidity of the gold market.

Fourthly, the security of our investors’ investments is our top priority. The gold assets of the investors will be transferred to the supervision of our third-party trust company, and neither party or unilateral party can exercise the right to gold, to ensure the absolute safety of gold. We are negotiating with other third-party trust companies to transfer the legal currency assets of users’ funds to the supervision of third parties to ensure the safety and independence of users’ funds.

For more specific details, please visit Everest Gold’s website.Everest Gold is committed to building a risk-averse investment platform to minimize the predictable capital risk, so that investors can achieve stable revenue growth and have equal opportunities to gain greater investment benefits through our platform. With this goal, we strive to become the pioneer in the public gold investment industry.

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