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Our Mission

Everest Gold is creating a brand-new experience for everyone to enjoy the liquidity, stability and value of gold. Did you know? Gold prices fluctuate up to 17,280 times a day! Grasp every profitable opportunity with Everest Gold today!

About us

Everest Gold is a regulated dealer of precious metals in Singapore, subject to the PSPM Act 2019.
 (Precious Stones and Precious Metals Act, License no. PS20190001500, Issued by Ministry of Law)

Everest Gold utilizes encrypted technology and world-class infrastructure to provide a secured trading platform for gold investors. Our trading platform is created to solve various issues commonly faced by gold investors. (Risk, storage, transaction, ownership, etc.) The 24/7, advanced system allows users to grasp every price fluctuation to seize the best trading opportunities, execute instant transaction and circulation to optimise profits in every trade.

Combining finance with cutting-edge technology, we’re committed to bringing you the most efficient and secured trading platform in the world!

Investing in Gold

The aim of any investment is twofold: 
to protect and diversify your savings, 
and to increase your wealth.

Gold is a globally recognized currency and the most popular investment product among all precious metals.
Gold investments are often used as a long-term value asset and stable commodity due to the nature of gold and its stable growth value.

Gold as a Hedge

Gold is the most effective hedge in times of financial crises, wars,  disasters or inflation as it is inversely correlated to the dollar, stocks and real estate.

When the dollar depreciates due to the effects of inflation or political instability, gold, on the other hand, tends to become more expensive.

Wealth Protection

When faced with the living pressure brought by rising prices and inflation, your assets are constantly “shrinking”. How can we protect our wealth from inflation?

With its stable growth rate, Gold investment can lessen the impact of rising price and provide some protection to your assets.

Gold has become an indispensable and important component of personal asset portfolios.

Liquidity and Value

When making an investment, the ease of which you can buy and sell an asset should be a primary concern.

As a universally recognized currency, gold is a highly liquid asset. Gold is mostly accepted and can be exchanged into local currency with relative ease around the world.

Traditional Gold Trading

Traditional ways to trade gold is inefficient and time-consuming.

One of the biggest problems faced by most investors is paying a premium on top of spot price when purchasing gold from banks or gold dealers. Selling your gold, too, can incur costs such as handling and valuation fees, etc. These additional costs makes it difficult for investors to profit from gold trading.

Such inconveniences adds up and creates a high entry threshold for the masses.

Everest Gold

Everest Gold offers transparent and competitive global benchmarked prices with no transaction fees, now everyone can benefit from the full investment potential of gold.

  • Advanced technology, secured system
  • 24/7 instantaneous trade
  • Low capital investment, trade from 0.01g of gold
  • No transaction fees
  • Track real-time gold prices


Investing in gold is made possible even for investors of smaller budgets or traders with no experience. Buy and sell as low as 0.01g of gold.

Convenient & Accessible

Enjoy instant liquidity and grasp every profitable opportunity by executing trades on-the-spot with our 24/7 secured trading platform.

Secured Storage

All physical gold are stored in a secured vault facility in Singapore: Malca-Amit. You have the option to collect your physical gold by simply making a request via the platform.

Using the Everest Gold Platform

We believe that gold trading should be made convenient and accessible to everyone. Everest Gold is creating the easiest, most cost-effective and hassle-free way to buy gold. The mobile app’s interface is streamlined and easy to use. Enjoy 24/7 access to gold trading, gold price trends, gold news and secured online transactions. 


1. Everest Gold Platform

Download the Everest Gold app, or use the desktop version.
(Beta launching on the 6 March 2020!)


2. Sign Up

Create your Everest Gold account.


3. Gold Flash Deals

During our periodic time-exclusive Gold Flash Deals events, a limited supply of gold is offered at competitive international benchmarked prices.


4. Making Profit on Everest Gold



Make short-term gains on your investment

Traders can profit by buying gold at lower prices, then selling them at a higher price.. Maximise your profits on Everest Gold when you trade with no transaction fees.



Buy gold for long-term gains

Gold is stored securely in our custodian vault while you enjoy the long-term stability and growth value of gold.

5. Redeem or Withdraw


Collect Physical Gold

Submit a request to redeem physical gold or..


Withdraw Cash Instantly

.. withdraw cash directly from your Everest Gold account.

Trust & Assurance

Your investment security is our priority.
We ensure accountability, transparency and compliance so you can trade with a peace of mind.



Everest Gold obtains 999.9 investment-grade gold from authorized dealer.


Gold is stored in a custodian vault.


This gold is subjected to independent verification by third parties including an auditor, and lawyer.

Everest Gold

Upon approval, the gold supply is introduced to the platform where it is made available for purchase by users.


Upon purchase, the ownership of the digitized gold is transferred to the user under the care of a 3rd party custodian.

Our Partners

With world-class highly secured, strategically located storage facilities around the world, Malca-Amit is widely recognized as market leaders.


Crowe Singapore will conduct monthly audits, ensuring Everest Gold’s internal control systems and operations comply with legal requirements.

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Everest Gold Pte Ltd
8 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec Tower 3

Email: enquiry@everest.gold

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