EG Guide | How to earn and use reward points?

What is reward point?

Everest Gold periodically launches reward programs to provide our users an opportunity to earn rewards when they meet our specified criteria.

How do I use my reward points?

The reward points which you have earned can be exchanged for EGU during our Gold Subscription Events.

Gentle reminder: Please stay tuned for the announcements of our upcoming Gold Subscription Events.

What is the value of the reward points?

10,000 reward points = USD 1

100,000 reward points = USD 10

1 EGU is worth USD 0.60 (subject to change according to market conditions) and 100,000 reward points can be converted to approximately 16 EGUs.

Where can I check my reward points?

To check on your reward points, go to ‘Profile’, tap on ‘Rewards’ and ‘Rewards History’.

What are the types of reward points?

There are several ways you can earn reward points:

1) Onboarding Reward

You will get 100,000 reward points upon successful KYC verification.

2) Login Rewards

If the login streak is lost, the cycle will revert to Day 1.

*The consecutive login rewards will be awarded on a one-time basis. Available for a limited time only.

3) Referral Rewards

Recommend your friends to register an account with Everest Gold and you will receive generous reward points.

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