Everest Gold, your most reliable investment choice!

Gold is a globally recognized currency and the most popular investment product among all precious metals. Gold investments are often used as a long-term value asset and stable commodity due to the nature of gold and its stable growth value. At the same time, gold also can resist inflation pressure of currency devaluation, so gold is the only safe haven tool.

However, the current gold market is only suitable for institutional and professional investors. The only channels for public investors to trade gold are through banks, and the bank’s selling price generally exceeds international spot gold price. The bank’s buying price, too, are much lower than international gold price when investors wish to sell the gold. This has resulted in lowered investment profits that would otherwise have gone to the investors.

Everest Gold was created to allow investors to enjoy the full investment potential of gold investment. Investors can buy and sell gold at competitive benchmarked international gold prices without paying high fees to optimize profits in every trade.

Physical gold is digitally fractionated, lowering the entry threshold for gold investment to as low as 0.01g, and introduced onto the trading platform as EGU (Everest Gold units) for trading.

1 EGU = 0.01g of gold.

The Everest Gold trading platform allows users to grasp every gold price fluctuation to seize the best trading opportunities and execute instant trades, 24/7.

Enjoy instant trades, instant cash and instant profits!

Everest Gold aims to develop more diversifying investment products for public investors to obtain greater investment benefits!