How to get 0.86g of gold rewards?

During the Everest Gold beta, you will be rewarded for fully engaging in our app. Upon successfully completing registration, you will be able to earn 0.86g of gold (worth approx $60)* in total!

To maximise your gold rewards, you will have to engage in the following:

A. Download & Register (0.46 Gold Rewards)

B. Trading Rewards – Complete all tasks and receive 0.22 Gold Rewards

  1. Complete 5 successful trades with trading volume of 100g of gold – 0.04 Gold Rewards
  2. Complete 20 successful trades with trading volume of 500g of gold – 0.06 Gold Rewards
  3. Complete 40 successful trades with trading volume of 1000g of gold – 0.12 Gold Rewards

C. 18 Action Tasks – Complete all tasks and receive 0.18 Gold Rewards (0.01 Gold Rewards for completing each task)

1.Gold Subscription – Complete a successful Gold Subscription transaction

2. Open Gold Exchange under the main menu – Trade gold here

3. Complete a Limit Buy on Gold Exchange

4. Complete a Limit Sell on Gold Exchange

5. Open Trading History under the main menu (Open Orders) – Review all ongoing orders here

6. Open History under the Trading History page – Review all past transactions here

7. Cancel a Limit Buy on Gold Exchange

8. Cancel a Limit Sell on Gold Exchange

9. Open Rewards under the main menu – Find out how much Gold Rewards you have earned

10. Open Reward/Gold Subscription History under Rewards – Review your Gold Rewards history here

11. Open Gold Subscription under Reward/Gold Subscription History – Review your ongoing and past Gold Subscription History here

12. Open Invite Friends under the main menu

13. Tap on Share under Invite Friends – Share your referral link

14. Open on News Feed under the main menu – Get the latest updates and news here

15. Open Help under the main menu

16. Open Settings under the main menu

17. Add your email address to your personal information

18. Open your notifications from the Notifications Bell on the Gold Exchange page

Terms & Conditions 

  • For rewards eligibility, all personal information provided by the user during official Everest Gold launch must be accurate. Any inaccurate information will render the user ineligible to receive the reward. 
  • Rewards will only be activated upon user linking bank account to Everest Gold account.
  • Everest Gold reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice to the user.